Biryani Masala

Rainbow Biryani Masala is a blend of rich aromatic spices for royal rice preparation of Mughlai cuisine of India.

A blend of aromatic spices for an incredibly flavourful rice dish from the Mughal royal court.

Exotic flavour comes from a blend of various rich aromatic spices and condiments like nutmeg, mace, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, bay leaves.

Biryani is a mixture of basmati rice, herbs, spices, vegetables and/or meat or fish and Biryani Masala. These ingredients may be cooked together or in layers. It is a full meal by itself and an absolute delight to the senses. Hard-core food lovers cannot do without a regular dose of Biryani.



  • Available in 50g
  • Available in 200g

Ingredients :

  • coriander
  • chillies
  • cumin
  • dried mango
  • bay leaves
  • turmeric
  • fennel
  • cloves
  • cassia
  • ajowain
  • trifla
  • cardamon
  • ginger
  • shahajira
  • mace

Recipe for Biryani Masala