Indian cooking is like the land itself – diverse, complex, bursting with colour and flavour. The secret to its mouth-watering dishes, are the spices that go into making them. And very few companies make these spices with the passion and commitment that we do. Aromatic, flavourful, masterfully balanced and blended, Rainbow spices have been making cooking effortlessly delicious for over six decades now.  

Found in 1956, ours is one of the oldest, most reputed brands in the industry. And while we continue to expand in scale, our dedication to delivering the finest quality products remains the same. This devotion to perfection, coupled with our immense, in-depth knowledge of spices and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, has earned us the trust of customers and vendors across the country.  Each product we bring you is the result of extensive research on blends and taste preferences in India. It is created from responsibly-sourced spices of the highest quality, and made using the latest grinding technologies.  The result?  Food with an irresistible aroma and authentic taste, that’s simple to cook and a joy to savour.

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